PA System:

6x- Q Factor 218 Dual Sub Bass Cabinets,  4x-Q Factor 2212 Mid/HI’s,  2x – Yorkville LS92100, CEX 5 Digital Processing, Crest Amplification (15,000 Watts)


(2) DTH SM low profile bi-amped monitors  with (2)DTH 4115 bi-amped side fills


Allen & Heath Mix Wiz 16 Channel

Allen & Heath GL2200 (24 Channel)

Midas Pro-2 (Available for Rent)

SC48 (Available for Rent)

Monitor Desk, Extra Monitors per rider requirements as needed (Rental items)

Outboard Gear available for rent per rider requirements (Rental Items)

Backline available (Rental Items)


10x 20 amp on-stage / 50 amp disconnect for distro (stage right) / 2x 20Amp Down Stage


FOH position is located 44’ from stage on raised platform  /MON position is located stage right facing stage

Stage Size: 

20′ D x 17′ W 40”H


Industry standard microphone package (Shure SM58/57)

4x Sure  Wireless Mic Rack (Available for Rent)

Drum Riser: 

8’x 8’x1’

Lighting/ Effects:


FOH – Whole Hog 3 (available for rent)

MyDMX 3.0 w/ Elation Midi Controller (currently being used FOH)

Control: 8-Channel DMX controller for conventional lights


4x-Platinum 5R Movers Vertical Truss Mounted

16x -LED wash fixtures

2x – RGB LED  Mega Bars

2x- Altman Comet follow spot (Available for Rent)

4x – ADJ Inno Pocket Wash LED

2x – ADJ Pocket Spot Twin

5x – Blizzard Snowblind LED Blinders/Strobes

6x – Par 46 (used as specials)

6x – Par 64 (used as Front Lighting and US Audience Blinders)

4x – Par 56 (Mounted on Floor Bases)

1x Blizzard LED Weather System (US)

1x Hurricane 3D Hazer (FOH)

1x Geyser RGB Smoke Machine (DSC)

2x Co2 Club Cannons


1x – Video Projector 3k lumens (focused on Upstage wall)

2x 40” LED Flat Screen  mounted on downstage truss (SR & SL)

2x 60″ Big Screen In House


(1) X-Laser Mobile Beat MK5 (Controlled via DMX)

*Additional Units Available for rent