Almost 90 Days In! Whats next?

Southern Colorado!!!We are so excited to have almost been open or 90 days and we couldn’t ask for a better welcome from the community. Now that we’ve got our feet wet it is time to make some announcements and also touch on some other exciting news.

What is New??
Well by now if you have not visited Rawku you may be wonderin what all the hype is about. Well we are a brand new nightclub inspired venue. We do have regular nights but we also will be bringing in some massive one off shows ranging from National DJ’s, Comedy and Live music shows.

So to recap on the regular weeknights we are proud to announce Sub.Mision Dubstep will be expanding their reach to Colorado Springs at Rawkus. This organization is well known for their BASS inspired shows including Global Dub and Bassic Friday’s at Beta nightclub while also being a staple with E-Tuesdays at Cervantes’ Otherside. They will be hosting Wednesday nights in March but do have 2 shows in Feb. 2/6 ad 2/20 where you can catch some of their residents inluding: Caustik, Thorazine and Dodger. Sub.Mission will also be taking DJ’s for the Battle Series also begining in March (submit)

Rawkus + FunkyFresh Entertainment introduced Impulse Friday’s right away. This is heavily inspired by the EDM dance explosion that has taken place in Colorado. Our focus of the +18 night is to bring the biggest, baddest dance party possible with the most talented local and national DJ’s that will keep you moving all night long. We’ve hosted such artist’s as Designer Drugs, Daft Punk’d, Lea Luna, DirtMonkey, and Jantsen along with DJ Dragon & Jontron, Joman, Matiska and many other great CO DJ’s. Be on the lookout for more exciting shows moving forward.

Our Sound Check Saturdays are a night of all out party including the best live music in a multitude of genre’s. We’ve hosted such artists as October Rage, From Slaves to Kings and Isaac James with other national acts to follow such as English Beat and P.O.D.!!! You will want to be on our mailing list because this night is guaranteed to bring something NEW every week!

So, be on the look out for our shows coming up this Spring. We guarantee we will have something to satisfy your nightlife needs. Spread the word and let your fellow C Springs peeps know that there is someone on your side bringing in the music you asked for every week. Join our mailing list and let us know what you think through our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. This year with Rawkus will be the best year ever for Southern Colorado entertainment with you!



February 7, 2013

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